María Bejarano, works on sale

María Bejarano

Sevilla, 1971

He studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville, in the branch of painting, continuing his studies in schools in Italy and the United Kingdom. His work is mainly pictorial in nature, full of chromatic nuances that are his hallmark. Part of a reflection on the traditional limits of painting, this together with the use of new supports such as aluminum or methacrylate, in which he paints with a renewed vision, leads him to a clearly multidisciplinary production. He currently has his studio in Madrid, where he is searching for new plastic languages. Throughout his career he has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. His work is present in public collections, such as the National Library, the Seville City Council, IberCaja, Cajasur or Cajasol and in important private collections such as the Perez Simón collection. He has participated in numerous contemporary art fairs in Europe and the United States.