Mark Jenkins, works on sale

Mark Jenkins

Alexandria (EE.UU), 1970

The American urban artist Mark Jenkins builds and places models of people thrown on the street, in rivers, on roofs, in garbage bins. Jenkins travels around the world placing his disconcerting works in urban areas.

The aim of the artist is to get people to look up from their mobile phones for a moment to make sure and commit themselves to the world around them. Jenkins began his artistic career by placing mannequins in a landfill in Rio de Janeiro, with the intention of capturing the attention of the kids who live in the streets.

Featured works

Ubay Murillo | Bouquet

Ubay Murillo

Bouquet, 2018

Oil on canvas

79 x 65 cm


Lantomo | Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa


Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, 2016

Grafito y pastel sobre papel encolado a madera

73 x 50 cm


Mária Švarbová | Origins, Trio 8

Mária Švarbová

Origins, Trio 8, 2017

Digital print on paper

60 x 90 cm


Rubén Martín de Lucas | República 12

Rubén Martín de Lucas

República 12, 2019

Obra gráfica impresa sobre papel Hahnemühle

74 x 61 cm


Ubay Murillo | Poor Matisse

Ubay Murillo

Poor Matisse, 2018

Oil on canvas

105 x 81 cm


Oriol Jolonch | Dos jirafas atormentadas

Oriol Jolonch

Dos jirafas atormentadas, 2018

Fotografía sobre papel Hahnemühle

60 x 80 cm


Ubay Murillo | Vanguardia y erosión

Ubay Murillo

Vanguardia y erosión, 2015


40.5 x 29.7 cm


Shepard Fairey | Vote

Shepard Fairey

Vote, 2008

Screen printing on paper

92 x 61 cm


Oriol Jolonch | Atalaya lunar

Oriol Jolonch

Atalaya lunar, 2017

Fotografía sobre papel Hahnemühle

60 x 80 cm