Megan Gabrielle Harris, works on sale

Megan Gabrielle Harris

Sacramento, (Estados Unidos), 1992

Megan Gabrielle Harris is an afro surrealist artist of Nigerian ancestry, based between California, USA, Cape Town, South Africa, and New York, USA. Her work explores how her subjects, typically black women like herself, navigate and ultimately escape the shackles of a worldview and patriarchal society that seeks to, and thrives off the subjugation and exploitation of their bodies, and rewards and celebrates them for their labour, and physical and mental tenacity. In the safe space and universe that Megan has created, and envisioned for herself and others like her, women are allowed to be their most unapologetic, unfiltered and unhindered selves; indulgent, carefree, whimsical, and empowered to live their best, soft lives. She uses vibrant and rich colour palettes, painted with loose brush strokes, in an attempt to create a light and airy atmosphere for her subjects, while depicting these female figures as independent and powerful which is the perception she has of the women in her community.The artist’s aim is to create dreamy and sublime escapes, not only as a form of self-therapy but also as a visual manifestation of her innermost hopes and desires for herself, and for women at large.

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