Nicolás Lisardo, works on sale

Nicolás Lisardo

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1978

He defines the formalization of his works in a meticulous way, with admirable formal perfection, working each building with amazing pictorial detail. It is not a mere exercise in decorative nihilism but tries to find critical energy by inviting the viewer to contemplate the places or not where we live. The works of Nicolás Lisardo intend to carry out an assessment of the existential limits, adding a metaphysical tonality to these eroded facades of the city. It is an anti-picturesque scenario, which has the firm intention of moving us to the perception of the idea (eidos forme). We live in penury and we come to understand that construction can be a disease. The angel of history turns his head towards the past and sees that the ruins, in the case of Lisardo, the scraps grow until they touch the sky, which evokes a ruinous destiny. This artist breathes a titanic tone into his work. It is a kind of (Entropologist) notion that would already be defined by the work of Gordon Matta-Clark. His work seeks a way to reflect on where this labyrinthine path that we have created in pursuit of the dehumanization of our own existence leads.

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