Pablo Rodríguez, works on sale

Pablo Rodríguez

Málaga, 1982

Pablo Rodríguez is graduated in Fine Arts by University of Barcelona in 2009. There he began to become familiar with mixed techniques and incorporation of other materials as forms of expression, especially looking for the figurative aspect in all of them. Once he was graduated, his works have been part of exhibitions in well-known spaces in Barcelona, Murcia and Malaga. His style sometimes achieves hyper-realism and represents through it the fragility of the individual and the vulnerability of the human being. He moves away from the idea of ​​portraiture where the model usually looks at the viewer to reproduce an idyllic image of his own self, creating an interesting discourse so nowadays the portrait has also become a symbol of exaltation of narcissism. This promising artist has been part of Inéditad Gallery since January 2020.

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