Pedro Peña Gil, works on sale

Pedro Peña Gil

Jaén, 1978

Pedro Peña Gil is currently one of Spain's most promising artists. As can be seen in his curriculum, he has been multi-awarded for his work in renowned institutions in Spain, receiving, among many other awards, the Medal of Honour in the 27th edition of the prestigious BMW Awards. In recent years he has been working on the series Muesum Hall, in which different museums and important art spaces around the world are the protagonists. The works in this series are produced from photographs that the artist himself takes in different museums around the world and then, through an exquisite production, he adds a filter of pigmented and transparent epoxy resin, of whose technique he is a true master, which creates a mysterious and at the same time seductive barrier between the main image and the spectator, to invite us to participate in a new look at the history of art and the place of the contemporary artist before the great wonders that these temples treasure. The process of working with epoxy resins is very complex, and Pedro Peña Gil is a true specialist in its handling. The production of his works is perfect, he achieves different crystalline layers that are superimposed on the main image with maximum perfection, which is an added value to the conceptual value of the works. We have presented his work in the last edition of CONTEXT Art Miami (year 2022) and more recently in Art Madrid, with a great reception by the public and collectors, and with an outstanding sales success.

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