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Madrid, 1982

His work is based on the approach to the propagation of the abnormal, which almost always has the object of the propagation of the norm, but, in addition, it creates this fascination for discovering this new form that we are observing, we could consider it as a voyeurism towards the morbid. Nowadays, what is beautiful or normal, and what is ugly and monstrous. Which figures are natural monsters or constructed monsters.

He work analysing the codes submerged in the images of the mass media, always working with representations that can often be iconic and indisputably manipulated, in a social consensus. Performance, video, photo, painting, everything can form part of a collage of information, which I use to talk about these images, about how they are degenerated and reinterpreted for one use, consumption. A spectacle that presents itself as an enormous irreversible indisputable positivity.

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