Roger Sanguino, works on sale

Roger Sanguino

Maracay, (Venezuela), 1968

The work I have been developing in recent years is marked by a discourse that refers to the human being, the importance of the portrait, the expression of the body, and urban space. With the body and the portrait as anchors (two themes that I alternate and develop in parallel), I begin this crossroads where the use of mixed techniques determines the structure of my work, acting both on the inside of the form and on the outside, through chromatic values and the incorporation of metallic elements. In this series of oil portraits, I conclude their execution through the incorporation of a kind of geometry that dialogues with the portrayed person, generating that two types of technical solutions coexist on the same surface: a painting, determined by the previously created image, and a three-dimensional drawing that floats over it, through the steel wires stretched and anchored on the surface. Later I introduce the steel nets, placing them over the portraits, generating a kind of camouflage or second skin. With all this intervention carried out on the portraits, I begin to disrupt the concepts of identity, turning them into altered, modified concepts, giving rise to new identities.

Featured works

Soledad Córdoba | Rito VII

Soledad Córdoba

Rito VII, 2019


100 x 150 cm

Isabela Puga | M_CB_01

Isabela Puga

M_CB_01, 2022

Técnica mixta y oro de 22 kt sobre madera

180 x 180 cm


Carmen Pastrana | Nicethingtos

Carmen Pastrana

Nicethingtos, 2019

Lápiz y acrílico sobre papel

51 x 50 cm