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Roger Sanguino

Maracay (Venezuela), 1968

Venezuelan artist Roger Sanguino, who lives in Spain, presents the work that he has been developing in recent years from classical sculpture on a path towards painting, marked by a discourse that refers to the human being, the importance of the portrait, the expression of the body, and the urban space. As for the formalisation of the work, in the technical part lies what has been fundamental in the final construction of the work: Metal and its possibilities. Through the use of rods and piano wire, and later bolts and nets, all these possibilities of steel gave rise to a dialogue between painting and sculpture, generating a bridge between both disciplines through the conceptual and formal foundations. With the body and the portrait as axes, this crossroads begins where the use of mixed techniques determines the structure of the work. Different strokes appear on the plane and the volume; stains and primitive lines that give shape to the character, together with a framework that floats over it like a grid, giving rise to a metallic framework that refers to the urban or everyday landscape, a framework that in turn helps to organise structures, defines limits and contents from a geometric vision in which the void also participates. With all this intervention carried out on the portraits, a process begins that leads to the disruption of the concepts of identity, turning them into altered, modified concepts, giving rise to new concepts of identity.

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