Sandra Paula Fernández, works on sale

Sandra Paula Fernández

Oviedo, (Asturias), 1972

With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca in the specialty of painting. He currently resides and develops his work in Madrid. His creative process includes several lines of research that range from the application of new technologies and the use that can derive from them to works where the manual and the artisan prevail. Many of his works offer a chaotic and apocalyptic vision, full of humor and irony, on the topics of a hypersexualized consumer society, increasingly sleepy and addicted to fast food. He has had numerous exhibitions and participated in various national and international fairs such as Estampa, JustMad, Context Art Miami or CIRCA Puerto Rico Internacional Art Fair. Her work is located in outstanding collections such as the Liberbank Collection in Asturias, the Canary Foundation for the Development of Painting, the New Pilar Citoler Collection, the CA2M Collection in Madrid and the Museum of Fine Arts in Asturias.

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