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Silvia Flechoso

Burgos, 1991

Silvia Flechoso (Burgos, 1991) was one of the great winners in the 16th edition of the Art Madrid Contemporary Art Fair, where she participated for the first time with Inéditad Gallery. Her work "Pietà" probably became the most impressive of that edition, thanks to her technique and theme, obtaining a big impact in all the media. This multidisciplinary artist uses painting and drawing as material to express what she calls transcendent aesthetic experience. Her style, loaded with symbolism, has been part of individual and group exhibitions in Zurich, Venice, Paris and Madrid, the city where she lives. For her, art is the sensitive revelation of the sublime. Through her work she investigates power, since, in her opinion, a work of art is an object of power that must be taken and exercised. For this reason, the technique with which she identifies most is oil painting, for the quality, strength and sensuality it brings to her creative process. Her latest exhibitions include “Nomen Nescio”, “Orgullo y Prejuicio” (2023) or “AVE y EVA” (2022), organized by Inéditad Gallery between Madrid and Barcelona

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