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Willi Siber

Biberach, (Alemania), 1949

Brilliant colours paired with innovative surface structures are the hallmark of Willi Siber's artworks. The wood sculptor develops wall-, floor- and picture objects that cannot be assigned to any particular style. They are usually preceded by a phase of experimentation and research into the nature of materials and assembly techniques. With the expansion of solid wood sculpture to include materials such as lacquers, emulsions or cast epoxy resins, the artist sets new standards in the field of wood sculpture. Willi Siber's works are surrounded by a recognizable aesthetic aura. The viewer stands reverently before them, suppressing the desire to touch the works out of respect for their ingenious surface treatment. Willi Siber, born in 1949 in Eberhardzell (GER), first studied art history and then sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart from 1970 to 1976. Since 1979 the artist works in his studios in Eberhardzell-Dietenwengen and Reutlingen. Willi Siber is represented with his works in renowned museums, galleries and private collections internationally.

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