Wu Wei-Ting, works on sale

Wu Wei-Ting

Yunlin, (Taiwán), 1996

Born in 1996, Yunlin, Taiwan. Currently lives and works in Taipei and Taoyuan​. Recent creations focus on the catalytic process of contouring between object interpretations, the formation of the field is a kind of occurrence, suspicion of the object, from which to explore the reason is to deal with behind a transparent pattern. At the core, concern is the object tools used by humans to maintain the constant characterization of a behavior (looks, cleanliness, manners, etc.), switching between the use of extension and use in an external space environment. Form structural chains on the interface of all persistent consciousness, human beings and the environment. Environment, plants, animals, borders and human senses can be the basis of communion, but the connection between memory and traces is an additional medium. In memory, "behavior" must have its purpose to produce the pattern of space and time, from the form of communication than hand-drawn to the use of text language, how to explain and translate each other's defense. The role of behavior is called "translator".

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