Arma Gallery

Arma Gallery

Madrid, España

Arma Gallery: Building new ways of living and experimenting the contemporary art.

We don't call ourselves a regular gallery, we call ourselves a phygital contemporary art gallery. What is phygital? A mix between the physical and the digital. What is a phygital art gallery? A new concept of gallery where we have a strong online presence and we have our physical presence very studied between specific pop up exhibitions and strategic art fairs around the world. We believe in the relevance of a strong digital presence today. That's why we focus on a digital program with online exhibitions and viewing rooms through our artsy platform and a physical program through pop up exhibitions around the world and recognized art fairs. Working on projects such as a specific art fair, a pop up exhibition or an institutional show, gives us the possibility to express the artist's idea and communicate the art in a more profound and unlimited way.

artists of this gallery

Carlos Cartaxo


Elena Gual




works for sale

Natalia Romanciuc | Lovers

Natalia Romanciuc

Lovers, 2022

Mixed media on paper

42 x 29 cm