Andy Sotiriou

Andy Sotiriou | Snowscape 10

Andy Sotiriou

Snowscape 10, 2014


Photography, mineral pigments on paper

60 x 60 cm

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about Andy Sotiriou

Londres (Reino Unido), 1960

The London photographer Andy Sotiriou found in photography the perfect mean of expression to combine his interest in art and science. Though he graduated in Physics, he soon realised that his real vocation was art. His first steps as an artist started with pictures of great musicians for the discographic companies, to make album covers and publicity material. In the 80's he began to travel throughout Europe and the United States, which allowed him to encourage his archive of commercial and travel images. In the 90's he moved to Spain where he lives between Murcia and Madrid. Today, he works on his personal projects making printings and exhibitions. He counts on several solo and collective exhibitions.

about the artist's works

Photographer Andy Sotiriou, with a trajectory of more than 20 years, manages to capture through his images the magic of spaces and landscapes. Through two procedures, the artist manages to show the essence and soul of each place he travels. On the one hand, it reproduces what it sees as accurately as possible. On the other, he uses the camera, not as a witness to reality, but to be able to combine and manipulate his images and create a conceptual work. In his statement, the artist believes that photographs can be made through a process, not just take them. Also, series like "Snowscapes" or "Waterscapes" are perfect examples of the artist's work, in which every moment becomes a creation.

Andy Sotiriou's works

Andy Sotiriou | Water series 06

Andy Sotiriou

Water series 06, 2018

Photography, mineral pigments on paper

60 x 60 cm


Andy Sotiriou | Water series 13

Andy Sotiriou

Water series 13, 2018

Photography, mineral pigments on paper

60 x 60 cm


Andy Sotiriou | Water series 05

Andy Sotiriou

Water series 05, 2018

30 x 30 x 30 cm


Andy Sotiriou | Water series 10

Andy Sotiriou

Water series 10, 2018

Photography, mineral pigments on paper

60 x 60 cm


Andy Sotiriou | Snowscape 29

Andy Sotiriou

Snowscape 29, 2014

Photography, mineral pigments on paper

60 x 60 cm


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Arsenale, Venezia, 2019

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Daniel Sueiras | Retrato ilustre XXXII

Daniel Sueiras

Retrato ilustre XXXII, 2014

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Faile | Palette Going bach to Dallas


Palette Going bach to Dallas, 2014

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Fernando Daza | Círculo naranja

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Círculo naranja, 2018

Paper cut by hand and glued on fabric

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Francisco Suárez | Lumen IV

Francisco Suárez

Lumen IV, 2018

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Twentysix Lions, 2017

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Mr. Brainwash | Andy Warhol

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Lantomo | Chrysanthemum I


Chrysanthemum I, 2015

Estampa digital

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Pachi Santiago | Scarface

Pachi Santiago

Scarface, 2016


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Pilar Pequeño | Agapanto

Pilar Pequeño

Agapanto, 2010

Giclée. Pigmentos minerales sobre papel (Con passe partou: 64 x 79 cm)

40.3 x 59.5 cm


Shepard Fairey | Earth crisis

Shepard Fairey

Earth crisis, 2014

Screen printing on paper

61 x 46 cm


Ubay Murillo | Poor Matisse

Ubay Murillo

Poor Matisse, 2018

Oil on canvas

105 x 81 cm