Annita Klimt

Annita Klimt | Collage vivo 2

Annita Klimt

Collage vivo 2, 2017

Collage hecho a mano con flor seca

29.7 x 42 cm

about Annita Klimt

Barcelona, 1986

Annita Klimt has a Diploma in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts in the speciality of Film Direction. Her passion for the Seventh Art, especially for the French Nouvelle Vague, accompanies her in every one of her works: handmade collages created in different supports and materials found. Her works are simple and full of poetry. "Less is more" and the beauty of simple things perfectly summarizes Annita Klimt's work as a visual artist. She has exhibited in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao or Berlin and has been mentioned in different media and online blogs.

Between her last exhibitions, they are possible to emphasize: Encounters with beauty. Sappers, Madrid. 2019 and Fig Bilbao 2019, also carries out different artistic projects with different artists and directs the dissemination platform of emerging artists of godArt Lab and the international online community of women who cut and paste.

about the artist's works

Collage artist. Work manually, as a way to get away from the mechanization and perfection of the image culture. A process that forces you to deconstruct and deconstruct. A fight between the free look and the subject. The delicacy of her works is the summary of other passions such as archaeology, French cinema of the sixties or poetry. Remove, find, rescue. That drive for the journey, for the memory, for the journey. And that need to synthesize, framing, fragmentation, split screens. Also of the word, but as one more image, as an outcome with letters. Always with the woman as the protagonist, explore from minimalism and poetics, concepts such as loss, hope or desire.

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