Carlos Regueira

Carlos Regueira | Malaysia

Carlos Regueira

Malaysia, 2014


52 x 70 cm

about Carlos Regueira

A Coruña, 1958

The artistic career of Carlos Regueira has always gone through painting, graphics and, in recent years, photography, activities that he has combined with his work as a creative and art director. He has made several solo exhibitions in Spain and participated in group exhibitions and art fairs both in Spain and in Europe (Belgium, France, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Holland and Italy), USA. (New York, Miami and San Diego) and Mexico. His work has been reviewed in various print and digital media such as El punto de las artes, Arte Fotográfico or Best of photography 2014 (Photographer's forum magazine) and has work in private collections such as BAO & Partners or UBS.

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