Dominica Sánchez

Dominica Sánchez | Dibujo nº 0108

Dominica Sánchez

Dibujo nº 0108, 2019

Técnica pastel y carbón sobre papel

100 x 70 cm

about Dominica Sánchez

Barcelona, 1945

Dominica Sánchez's work consists of an intimate observation of the natural world, personal observations marked by a dialogue between the fragile and ephemeral and the volume musculature. Sánchez has long perfected this pictorial language, whose simplicity belies the depth of the emotions that the drawings entail, not only sketches for the sculptures but rather independent works, made with an individualized language that she shares with the sculptures.

about the artist's works

The drawings, usually on large format paper sometimes stained with pigments, are personal observations of the natural world, marked by a dialogue between the fragile and ephemeral and the muscle of volume. The game between light curves, drawn in pencil, and the dense and opaque geometries that make their drawings creates a balanced space that Mrs Lluïsa Maria Borras described as "an inner landscape, the only genre that has contributed to painting in the last century: A painting describing emotions, feelings, the mood of the painter without resorting to reality and, by moving away from playing with what the eyes see, she is based solely on actual pictorial elements, form and line, structure and colour ".

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