Elvira Carrasco

Elvira Carrasco | Infierno de Dante

Elvira Carrasco

Infierno de Dante, 2018


50 x 37 cm

about Elvira Carrasco

Cuenca, 1990

"Faces Project", with this self-portrait, Elvira begins her artistic career. This is the starting point that will later give rise to the other projects. As of 2016, he begins to exhibit it around the world and achieves thoughtful, fresh and original work with which to make himself known. " Faces Project", is an innovative, groundbreaking and fresh project, the result of perseverance and creativity, research and chance. His project is a proposal for an artistic self-portrait in which "Body Art" is developed. The Performance ends up being a key contributor to the work of Elvira Carrasco. The interaction is very important to her and having people witness the moment of performing the work, the ritual is something magical.

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