Lino Lago

Lino Lago | Pintura azul sobre François Gérard

Lino Lago

Pintura azul sobre François Gérard, 2017

Oil on linen

80 x 60 cm

Moret Art

A Coruña, España


about Lino Lago

Vigo (Pontevedra), 1973

Lino Lago questions in his works the sacredness of classical painting with a great dose of humour and irony through an excellent pictorial technique. It has a recognized international trajectory and has received outstanding awards, such as an honourable mention in the Thyssen Museum of Madrid in the painting contest organized by the "Foundation of Arts and Artists" of Barcelona or the honourable mention in the " XXIV BMW Painting Prize ".

His work has been exhibited in renowned national and international spaces such as the Flint Institute of Michigan and the outstanding George Adams Gallery in New York and has participated in important fairs such as Arco, Art Miami or Art Fair “SH Contemporary 09″ from Shanghai. His work has appeared in prestigious international publications such as "The New York Times Magazine" or "Vogue Italia" and has been featured in the magazine "Fuera de Serie" as one of the strong names in which to invest.

about the artist's works

Lino Lago seeks inspiration in everyday life to create a painting with a great conceptual load. He puts his ironic and critical vision of the different questions that interest his undeniable technical mastery and manages to configure his unmistakable imaginary. His painting is characterized by its diversity, however ideologically his work can be understood as unitary and coherent since everything is born from criticism and a commitment to current reality. In the series Painting on painting and Attacks, he makes a sort of “desacralization” of classic images, so that he dares to intervene paintings of great masters that he reproduces surprisingly with an intense monochrome pictorial layer or drippings of vibrant colours burst into classic stays. In his most recent series entitled Fake Abstract, he plays with the characteristic elements of abstract painting: line and colour, in such a way that under a painting of flat colours you can guess, through lines, famous classical portraits.