Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys | Messier 81 Galaxy

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

Messier 81 Galaxy, 2018

Teselación, seda salvaje y caja de luz (rosa) (obra enmarcada)

80 x 80 cm

about Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

Ciudad del Cabo, (Sudáfrica), 1971

More than 10 years ago, Pierre Louis Geldenhuys set out to combine multiple disciplines to create unique artworks and installations with his training and experience in costume design, textile, fashion and fine art from his degrees in Theatre Craft and Fashion from Tswane University of Technology (Pretoria-South Africa) and Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Town-South Africa). Her original silk tessellations have evolved, adding fibreglass and video art as a new line of work, presenting them encapsulated in light boxes, respecting composition, space, colour, light and shadow as if they were a canvas. His artistic career includes numerous solo and group exhibitions. His work can be found in foundations such as the Museo de Obra Gráfica de San Clemente in Cuenca, the Escuela Museo del Origami in Zaragoza, the Fundación Antonio Pérez in Cuenca and the Fundación Hortensia Herrero in Valencia. He has participated in many national and international contemporary art fairs.

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