Ubay Murillo

Ubay Murillo | Vanguardia y erosión

Ubay Murillo

Vanguardia y erosión, 2015


40.5 x 29.7 cm


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Ubay Murillo

Tenerife, 1978

The painter Ubay Murillo graduated in Fine Arts at the University of La Laguna in 2003. In the years after his studies, he combined his creative work with academic and teaching tasks until he devoted himself entirely to painting. With an eclectic and multidisciplinary artwork that draws from different sources, the work of Ubay Murillo is the result of tireless dedication and unconditional devotion to creation. He has a frenetic exhibition activity, inside and outside Spain and has obtained numerous awards.

His work as an essayist and contemporary art theorist is also remarkable, with recent publications such as "Tres preludios, fuga y coda", 2017, edited by the Es Baluard Contemporary Art Foundation, or "Piel - Gespenst - Vacío - Stoff", 2014, published in Rotbuch Verlag, Berlin. His work is part of important public collections such as the Mapfre Barcelona Foundation or the Atlantic Center for Modern Art of the Canary Islands.

Artist's works

Ubay Murillo | Sillas con Schlemer

Ubay Murillo

Sillas con Schlemer, 2016


42 x 30 cm


Ubay Murillo | Geist Gespenster

Ubay Murillo

Geist Gespenster, 2013

Oil on canvas

135 x 122 cm


Ubay Murillo | Poor Matisse

Ubay Murillo

Poor Matisse, 2018

Oil on canvas

105 x 81 cm


Ubay Murillo | Alles Klar

Ubay Murillo

Alles Klar, 2014

Oil on canvas

130 x 195 cm


Ubay Murillo | Figura composición

Ubay Murillo

Figura composición, 2018

Oil on canvas

70 x 50 cm


Ubay Murillo | Para

Ubay Murillo

Para, 2018

Oil on canvas

90 x 75 cm


Ubay Murillo | El resto

Ubay Murillo

El resto, 2015

Oil on canvas

200 x 300 cm


Ubay Murillo | Bouquet

Ubay Murillo

Bouquet, 2018

Oil on canvas

79 x 65 cm


Featured works

Mária Švarbová | Origins, Trio 8

Mária Švarbová

Origins, Trio 8, 2017

Digital print on paper

60 x 90 cm


Pilar Pequeño | Serie: Plantas, transparencias. Tulipán. Rojo.

Pilar Pequeño

Serie: Plantas, transparencias. Tulipán. Rojo., 2015

Giclée. Pigmentos minerales sobre papel (Con passe partou: 64,6 x 70 cm)

45 x 47.78 cm


Mònica Subidé | Los niños de papel

Mònica Subidé

Los niños de papel, 2019

Óleo, lápiz y collage de papel japonés sobre lino

54 x 65 cm


Rubén Martín de Lucas | República 12

Rubén Martín de Lucas

República 12, 2019

Obra gráfica impresa sobre papel Hahnemühle

74 x 61 cm


Lantomo | Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa


Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, 2016

Grafito y pastel sobre papel encolado a madera

73 x 50 cm


Ely Sánchez | Serie Heridos 8

Ely Sánchez

Serie Heridos 8, 2014

Digital print

90 x 90 cm


Oriol Jolonch | The Net

Oriol Jolonch

The Net, 2018

Fotografía sobre papel Hahnemühle

60 x 80 cm


Mária Švarbová | The Tribune, Chill

Mária Švarbová

The Tribune, Chill, 2016

Digital print on paper

50 x 50 cm


Daniel Sueiras | Retrato ilustre XXXII

Daniel Sueiras

Retrato ilustre XXXII, 2014

Oil on board

50 x 40 cm


Mr. Brainwash | Andy Warhol

Mr. Brainwash

Andy Warhol, 2017

Mixed media on recycled cardboard

78 x 62 cm


Mònica Subidé | Jardín de Luces

Mònica Subidé

Jardín de Luces, 2019

Óleo y collage sobre lino

54 x 65 cm