Victoria Santesmases

Victoria Santesmases | Palabras que hieren II

Victoria Santesmases

Palabras que hieren II, 2018

Pintura, clavos

90 x 110 cm

about Victoria Santesmases

Madrid, 1957

Victoria Santesmases has a degree in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid, has combined her artistic practice with teaching. She was director of the didactic program Another Way of Looking at Contemporary Art, first at the Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca and then at the Antonio Pérez Foundation, publishing in this institution three didactic guides: ""The sounds of colour"", ""The skin of art ""and ""Discovering the Meninas "". The work of this artist is based on the language of materials around a poetics of the minimum, the nothing, the immaterial and raises questions about identity, invisibility or gender. In the edition of books, she proposes a conjunction between her plastic work and the text of poets and writers. She has exhibited individually in the Antonio Pérez Foundation, in the Sala El Brocense, Espacio Rococó. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Madrid, Cuenca, Valencia, Barcelona, Gijón, Paris ... And Fairs such as Estampa, Arts Libris, Arco, JustMad, Saga, Masquelibros or Art Madrid and her work is present in various collections, both public and private.

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