Arturo Álvarez

Arturo Álvarez | Conversas

Arturo Álvarez

Conversas, 2013

Steel mesh and LED

90 x 20 cm

Galería Luisa Pita

Santiago de Compostela, España



Arturo Álvarez

Pontevedra, 1964

Arturo Álvarez is a well-established creator recognized both inside and outside of Spain for his conceptual contributions to the lighting design world. He handles shapes, volumes and light sources in a simple and elegant way, mixing them with mastery and providing a new vision of creative lighting. Álvarez has exhibited his sculptures and installations in galleries and museums, with light as the guiding thread and as protagonist the human being. In 2014 he received the Best of Year Award from th ...

Artist's works

Arturo Álvarez | Agora-2

Arturo Álvarez

Agora-2, 2016

Steel, binder and LED

215 x 40 cm

Arturo Álvarez | Encontros

Arturo Álvarez

Encontros, 2014

Japanese cord, steel mesh and LED

285 x 30 cm

Arturo Álvarez | Agora

Arturo Álvarez

Agora, 2016

Steel, binder and LED

150 x 40 cm

Arturo Álvarez | Imos

Arturo Álvarez

Imos, 2017

Wood and LED

100 x 9 x 2 cm

Arturo Álvarez | Encontros-2

Arturo Álvarez

Encontros-2, 2014

Japanese cord, steel mesh and LED

230 x 30 cm

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