Arturo Álvarez

Arturo Álvarez | Leria pared 14

Arturo Álvarez

Leria pared 14, 2019

Malla metálica y led

about Arturo Álvarez

Pontevedra, 1964

Arturo Álvarez is a well-established creator recognized both inside and outside of Spain for his conceptual contributions to the lighting design world. He handles shapes, volumes and light sources in a simple and elegant way, mixing them with mastery and providing a new vision of creative lighting. Álvarez has exhibited his sculptures and installations in galleries and museums, with light as the guiding thread and as protagonist the human being. In 2014 he received the Best of Year Award from the Interior Design magazine for his innovative material "Simetech" in New York.

about the artist's works

He manages shapes, volumes and light sources with ease, simply and elegantly, mixing them with mastery and providing a new vision of lighting, combining in his pieces the emotional, the functional, the sustainable and the progress in his continuous research. His sculptures are constructed from very simple forms. Materials such as the Japanese cord, steel or wood mesh project the strength of the human being, his vital energy and his ability to break through as an individual or as a group. His work brings together technology, science and art, light and its shadows being a constant and fundamental study in each piece.

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