Brice Mounier

Brice Mounier | Venus

Brice Mounier

Venus, 2018

Resin sculpture

35 x 77 cm

Art Lounge Gallery

Lisboa, Portugal



Brice Mounier

Lyon (Francia), 1979

The painter and sculptor Brice Mounier is an artist attracted by the colours, shapes and materials of his childhood. His Art’s frame both abstract and figurative combined colours as well as minimalist aspect. Brice Mounier feels the immense desire to seize art and create, to share his perception of life, his sensitivity or just a little of him. His work has been present in several exhibitions around the world including Europe, France, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, London and Hamburg. We can find p ...

Artist's works

Brice Mounier | Barbie Botox

Brice Mounier

Barbie Botox, 2017

Acrylic and plexiglass

13 x 20 x 15 cm

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