Caio Bless

Caio Bless | Sky

Caio Bless

Sky, 2017

Mixed media

69 x 69 cm

Art Lounge Gallery

Lisboa, Portugal


Caio Bless

Sao Paulo (Brasil), 1991

Caio Holanda Garcia better known as Caio Bless was born in the north of São Paulo, Brasil. In 2008 he embarked on the career of the artist, taking his art to the grey walls of São Paulo. What in the beginning was rubbish, and there was no impulse of attraction, gain a new status with the drawings of Caio Bless. Caio completed a Bachelor in Visual Arts, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture at the University of Fine Arts of São Paulo and has 10 years of experience in graffiti, in the streets of São Paulo and graffiti events in state and municipal schools. With this art pieces, Caio Bless pretend to show drawings of hands and symbols that he collects from the streets of São Paulo to makes the spectators reflect and think about their attitudes and directions in the chaos of the great metropolis.

Artist's works

Caio Bless | Extinto

Caio Bless

Extinto, 2018

Mixed media

36 x 26 cm

Caio Bless | Tensão

Caio Bless

Tensão, 2018

Mixed media

46 x 39.5 cm

Caio Bless | Hora do chá

Caio Bless

Hora do chá, 2017

Mixed media

43 x 48 x 3 cm

Caio Bless | Hipocondria

Caio Bless

Hipocondria, 2018

Mixed media

80 x 80 cm

Featured works

Mária Švarbová | Swimming Pool, Life Whell

Mária Švarbová

Swimming Pool, Life Whell, 2016

Digital print on paper

60 x 90 cm


Okuda San Miguel | Grey Skull

Okuda San Miguel

Grey Skull, 2018

17-ink hand-printed by Inkvisible Prints on 220 g pink fabriano paper

70 x 50 cm


Rubén Martín de Lucas | República 12

Rubén Martín de Lucas

República 12, 2019

Obra gráfica impresa sobre papel Hahnemühle

74 x 61 cm


Samuel Salcedo | Hey Mickey

Samuel Salcedo

Hey Mickey, 2018

Polychrome resin

33 x 15 x 10 cm


Mária Švarbová | No diving, Alone

Mária Švarbová

No diving, Alone, 2016


50 x 50 cm


Rubén Martín de Lucas | Jardin de Fukuoka XXVII

Rubén Martín de Lucas

Jardin de Fukuoka XXVII, 2018

Ceras, óleo y esmalte sobre tabla

60 x 60 cm


Carlos Tárdez | Atlas

Carlos Tárdez

Atlas, 2018

Polychrome resin

14 x 7 x 7 cm