Carlos Martín

Carlos Martín | Helarea E-1

Carlos Martín

Helarea E-1, 2021

Oil on canvas

80 x 100 cm

about Carlos Martín


Carlos has been drawing since he was a child, he has practiced almost all artistic disciplines, except sculpture. An engineer by training, he is a tireless photographer, which has allowed him to learn the tricks that composition hides in art and lighting. The use of watercolor in his beginnings, a technique with which he began to sell works in his youth, has allowed him to master other techniques such as graphite and ink and, above all, to know how pigments and color work. For a few years now, he has dedicated himself exclusively to painting, with acrylic and, above all, oil, the techniques with which he works more in depth. Representing beaches, cities and objects, his paintings play with perspective, color and movement.

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