Christian Villamide

Christian Villamide | Herbolario XIV

Christian Villamide

Herbolario XIV, 2014

Marble, pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil

24 x 30 cm

Galería Luisa Pita

Santiago de Compostela, España


Christian Villamide

Lugo, 1966

Christian Villamide is a conceptual painter who uses diverse plastic languages, among them, expanded sculpture with materials such as wood, aluminium and the use of "light" as a provocative element of suggestive shadows in which the beauty of the outline and the poetic of our landscape.

The paintings of Villamide establish a dialogue between nature and the industrial landscape, reflecting on the fracture that occurs between the man and the earth, intervening the landscape with neutral textures and colours, forming a great mountain range as an installation or an unusual landscape, altered and inhospitable as an individual piece.

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Okuda San Miguel | Grey Skull

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Grey Skull, 2018

17-ink hand-printed by Inkvisible Prints on 220 g pink fabriano paper

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Mária Švarbová | No diving, Alone

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No diving, Alone, 2016


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Rubén Martín de Lucas | Jardin de Fukuoka XXVII

Rubén Martín de Lucas

Jardin de Fukuoka XXVII, 2018

Ceras, óleo y esmalte sobre tabla

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Carlos Tárdez | Atlas

Carlos Tárdez

Atlas, 2018

Polychrome resin

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