Art Madrid'23 – Ewa Jaros

Ewa Jaros | Encuentro VI

Ewa Jaros

Encuentro VI, 2020

Óleo sobre lienzo

116 x 89 cm

Galería Uxval Gochez

Barcelona, España

Programa General B8


about Ewa Jaros

Radomsko, (Polonia), 1982

Painter and visual artist, born in Poland, living in Barcelona since 2008. She works mainly with oil on canvas and inks. Throughout her career she has been developing projects related to the memory, the uprooting and the encounter. Ewa uses the imaginary of the human figure and of natural landscapes as compositional elements, and she finds her inspiration in symbolism, art history and poetry.

Ewa Jaros has studied Fine Arts in the Specialty Painting at the University of Barcelona (2016 - 2020); she has a Master's Degree in Fine Arts, Literature and Contemporary Culture from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona (2020 - 2022); and has completed her education with Academic Drawing and Painting Studies at the Barcelona Academy of Art (2021 - 2022). Throughout his professional career she has participated in multiple personal and collective exhibitions including: Pareidolias. Group exhibition, Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona (2022); Una voz que hable por mí. Book and performance with painting. Barcelona/Madrid/Granada (2022); Solstice. Group exhibition (2021); Drawing in nature. Barcelona (2021); Sense Titol 20. Group exhibition University of Barcelona, Barcelona (2020); Antropomorphs. Solo exhibition Café Diamante, Barcelona (2018); Memories. Oil painting exhibition (2017); Dibujo al natural Barcelona, Barcelona (2017). She has been awarded prizes in various painting competitions among which we can mention: Concurso de Pintura 2021. Fine Arts Faculty Award Venas i Amics de pág. de Sant Joan, Barcelona (2021); Concurso de Pintura Humet-Saula 2016. Selection of finalists. Exhibition space Calella (2016); First prize in the Exhibition and Painting Contest Nauart 2016. Poblenou, Barcelona (2016); Concurso de Pintura Humet-Saula. Selection of finalists. Exhibition space Calella (2015).

Ewa Jaros 's works

Ewa Jaros | Pasado - Presente - Futuro

Ewa Jaros

Pasado - Presente - Futuro, 2020

Óleo sobre madera

122 x 89 cm

Ewa Jaros | Encuentro I

Ewa Jaros

Encuentro I, 2020

Óleo sobre lienzo

116 x 89 cm

Ewa Jaros | Bajo el agua

Ewa Jaros

Bajo el agua, 2020

Óleo sobre lienzo

116 x 89 cm

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