Federico Eguía

Federico Eguía | Un día

Federico Eguía

Un día, 2020


116 x 89 cm

about Federico Eguía

Puebla de la Sierra, 1953

Painter, sculptor, poet and cultural promoter, co-editor of the art and poetry magazine Color Albero, promoter of exhibitions and art and poetry gatherings, as well as ideologist and founder of the Valle de los Sueños, of which he is Vice-President, member of different cultural associations and illustrator of books. With an important trajectory of individual exhibitions" more than 50" in cities, both Spanish and European, as well as collective exhibitions more than "250" and Fairs from Japan, USA, Europe. With work in private collections as well as in institutions all over the world. Museums and Foundations.

The meticulous technique that we discover in his work does not stifle the feeling that transmits his compositions, but helps to enhance the communicative force of a full, harmonious and balanced work. Each piece is a condensation of experience, converting the support of his work into the perfect receptacle of all the wisdom that his artistic career has provided him with, always demonstrating a portentous capacity to think about painting.

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