Art Madrid'24 – Fernando Suárez Reguera – Ícaro V (2023)

Fernando Suárez Reguera | Ícaro V

Fernando Suárez Reguera

Ícaro V, 2023

Bronze and iron

286 x 108 x 106 cm

Galería Luisa Pita

Santiago de Compostela, España

Programa General A4


about Fernando Suárez Reguera

Oviedo, 1966

The works of Fernando Suárez are surprising for the intelligent and visceral plastic interpretation of the objects represented, as well as for the creative lucidity, the refined constructive technique and the absolutely innovative conception regarding the treatment of the formal aspects in apparently conventional objects. He is an enormously versatile sculptor. His training, his mastery of the medium and his tireless creative capacity allow him to follow different paths. He works mainly in iron and bronze, but the multiple resources he uses to diversify his production are surprising. His artistic career includes numerous solo and group exhibitions. His work has been seen in museums and institutional spaces such as the IVAM in Valencia, Museo Tiflológico ONCE in Madrid, Museo Histórico de las Merindades in Burgos, Palacio de Pimentel in Valladolid and the Chang-Wong Museum of Contemporary Art in South Korea. He has participated in many national and international contemporary art fairs.

Fernando Suárez Reguera 's works

Fernando Suárez Reguera | Sampán I

Fernando Suárez Reguera

Sampán I, 2023

Hierro pavonado

80 x 78 x 30 cm

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