Art Madrid'24 – Francisco Mayor Maestre – La plaza azul, donde fumábamos costo (2023)

Francisco Mayor Maestre | La plaza azul, donde fumábamos costo

Francisco Mayor Maestre

La plaza azul, donde fumábamos costo, 2023

Oil on board

120 x 100 cm

Aurora Vigil-Escalera

Gijón, España

Programa General A5


about Francisco Mayor Maestre

Madrid, 1990

Mayor Maestre's painting explores the limits of urbanism and nature, the buildings and the people who inhabit them. He reflects on painting itself and the mysteries of its language through a geometry that is reflected in the architectural facades of his works. Buildings that for him are important not only for their architecture but also for the lives and stories that take place in the interior of each of their windows. The excellent technique of his drawing is intentionally interrupted with collages, graffiti, globes of oil paint... that fill his work with freshness and rhythm. The young artist is one of Aurora Vigil-Escalera's personal bets and in the last few years he has won important national awards and distinctions, as well as more and more international recognition.

about the artist's works

The space where his art moves are the place where, without apparent limits, he allows himself to explore how spaces and materials are articulated. It is the place and the way of doing in which an embodied experience is produced and she can carry out actions that come from a reflection and derive from others. They are meta-communicative actions, acts that communicate not about themselves, but about the reasoning and abstract thoughts that have triggered them. In his practice, painting is considered an eminently material form of image construction, in order to question the materiality of the image and the relationship with the knowledge that derives from it. The complexity in defining materiality lies in the diversity of materialities present, we are talking about something that is eminently heterogeneous and that vibrates from the obvious form of painting (binder and pigment) to the delicate and diffuse materiality of the virtual image.

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