Art Madrid'24 – Gerard Mas – Sacófago (2023)

Gerard Mas | Sacófago

Gerard Mas

Sacófago, 2023

Madera de ciprés policromada

59 x 17 x 15 cm

3 Punts Galería

Barcelona, España

Programa General A2


about Gerard Mas

Girona, 1976

The sculptor Gerard Mas studied at The Llotja Advanced School of Art and Designs, specializing in sculpture and stone carving. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. The realistic forms of his characters, usually inspired by the great classical artists, show discreetly anachronistic attitudes, creating a tension that surprises the viewer.

His works in resin show the same formal perfection, but the use of this more contemporary material and colour reaffirms the contemporary nature of his works. We can find part of his work in collections such as the European Museum of Modern Art, Vila Casas Foundation, the Contemporary International Figurative Sculpture Museum of Murcia. He won the First Prize in the Ice Sculpture Contest organized by the School of Architecture of the International University of Catalonia.

Gerard Mas 's works

Gerard Mas | Motherly Love Tattoo Lady

Gerard Mas

Motherly Love Tattoo Lady, 2023

Polychrome resin

52 x 35 x 23 cm

Gerard Mas | Golden Jacket

Gerard Mas

Golden Jacket, 2023

Polychrome alabaster

42 x 35 x 24 cm

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