Gonzalez Bravo

Gonzalez Bravo | Sem título

Gonzalez Bravo

Sem título, 2018

Oil on paper

103 x 153 cm

Galeria Sâo Mamede

Lisboa, Portugal



Gonzalez Bravo

Badajoz, 1944

The painter Gonzalez Bravo lives and works in Lisbon since 1970. His paintings speak as equations to be solved, sharing an intimate and symbolic language in which colour is the main element. They are pieces full of feeling and mysticism, which introduce the observer to a profoundly reflective reality and the personal universe of the artist. The arrangement of colour on the screen, which follows a lineage of works of artists from neo-impressionism to Mondrian or Malevich, is in the genesis of his work that is recreated in Informalism. It is the colour and the expression of the same that grants a singular identity to the work of Gonzalez Bravo.

Artist's works

Gonzalez Bravo | Sem título

Gonzalez Bravo

Sem título, 2018

Oil on paper

103 x 53 cm

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