Art Madrid'24 – Ismael Lagares – Blue (2023)

Ismael Lagares | Blue

Ismael Lagares

Blue, 2023

Mixed media on canvas

86 x 86 cm

Aurora Vigil-Escalera

Gijón, España

Programa General A5


about Ismael Lagares

Huelva, 1978

Ismael Lagares is one of the artists of his generation with greater national and international projection. His abstract canvases are an explosion of colour in which the combination of techniques and graffiti and informalist influences are translated into compositions full of matter and exquisite balance. The counterpoint to these colourful works comes with the recent introduction of monochrome paintings, in which a single colour dominates the entire composition, giving even greater importance to the interplay of densities of oil and ceramic. The ceramic itself takes more and more prominence, creating outdoor works on aluminium and completely abandoning the support to become free-standing sculptures.

Ismael Lagares 's works

Ismael Lagares | White Gold XX

Ismael Lagares

White Gold XX, 2023

Técnica mixta con baño de oro 24k sobre lienzo

155 x 105 cm

Ismael Lagares | Black X (detalle)

Ismael Lagares

Black X (detalle), 2024

Mixed media on canvas

175 x 125 cm

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Nicolás de Maya

Amanecer, 2023

Oleo sobre lino

100 x 40 cm