Juergen Norbet Fux

Juergen Norbet Fux | Study church 21

Juergen Norbet Fux

Study church 21, 2020

Base de acero y técnica mixta sobre plexiglass

120 x 120 cm

about Juergen Norbet Fux

Salzburgo, 1975

Juergen Norbert Fux lives and works in Salzburg, as well as in New York, Florida and also in Tel Aviv. The focus of his artistic work is portrait photography. Printed on glass and plastic supports, on furs and leathers, framed or with steel, complex three-dimensional photographic objects are created. Each of his works bears Juergen Fux's personal barcode as a distinctive mark.

The interplay of aesthetic photography and high-quality materials allows the artist to evolve creatively, to live out different fantasies and to perpetuate people and animals in one of a special artistic work. His photo-object artworks invite the viewer to look behind the surface. This process is as exciting and complex as the final product of his art. The person is immortalized in the image in a unique way. The feelings, fears and hopes that the artist recognizes in the portrait are reflected in an exciting way.

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