Krum Stanoev

Krum Stanoev | Raspsodia

Krum Stanoev

Raspsodia, 2016

Acero recortado

100 x 43 cm

about Krum Stanoev

Sofía, 1961

Krum Stanoev is a Bulgarian artist who has been based in Spain for more than twenty years. Krum’s artist journey has taken him painting, engraving and sculpting. Over recent years he has focused on laser cut metals with various patina finishes. This technique creates depth, structure, even bringing a great lightness to his chosen material of metal. This is clearly appreciated in his leaf sculptures showing their very skeletal essence and delicacy. Stanoev’s Human Series captures the viewer and draws them in, almost without realizing it, to contemplate and reflect on their own existence.

An extraordinary artist who simplifies forms without losing intrinsic strength, an artist who can represent the basic without abandoning the complex.

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