Art Madrid'24 – Lúa Gándara – Helado en la cama (2023)

Lúa Gándara | Helado en la cama

Lúa Gándara

Helado en la cama, 2023

Acrílico Sobre Lienzo

70 x 50 cm

Galería Metro

Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, España

Programa General A9


about Lúa Gándara

Pontevedra, 1988

Her paintings dance. Between the very concrete title and the stains there are hidden things, because what is not seen is also important. When he wants to say something, he speaks. When he paints, he plays very seriously. It is a game of balances. When he paints, nothing is casual, but he wants it to seem so. She likes the weight of the painting, but also the movement. Color guides her in this delicate process. It is about knowing how to look and being very attentive. She cares a lot about how the lines begin and end exactly, they are gestures like when one speaks or moves through space. It is a work that has a lot to do with improvisation and music, with the body and irony. With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, with a postgraduate degree in Sound Creation from the University of Barcelona, Luna Gándara (Porriño-Pontevedra, 1988) also cultivates performance, music and poetry. She was awarded the prize New Luso-Galician Talents in the IX Biennial of Painting Atlantic Axis Award, selected in the XV Festival of the Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation Naturgy, in the IX New Artists Award of the Auditorium of Galicia, in the Youth Contest Créela 2014, in New Values of Pontevedra 2012, in the V Contest of New Painting Galician Art and in the X International Biennial Pintor Laxeiro, among other calls.

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Lúa Gándara

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Lúa Gándara | Volvoreta

Lúa Gándara

Volvoreta, 2023

Acrílico Sobre Lienzo

97 x 146 cm

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