Luis Parades

Luis Parades

Luis Parades | Colección "Historias sumergidas 3"

Luis Parades

Colección "Historias sumergidas 3", 2016

Vidrio Banasglass, (casting sobre molde acabadas en frío)

47 x 8 x 7 cm

Arancha Osoro

Oviedo, España



Luis Parades

Parades (Asturias), 1964

Luis Parades is a plastic artist who works with glass pieces. Parades has participated in several exhibitions and he was awarded not only in Asturias, but also in other Spanish provinces such as Young Art in Glass, in 2004 (Madrid), and the joint exhibition of Young Art in Glass, of the National Glass Center Foundation in Segovia. In 2006, he won the First Design award at the Getxo Fair and the second single-piece award organized by the Asturian Ministry of Industry and Employment.

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Artist's works

Luis Parades | Colección "Historias sumergidas 1"

Luis Parades

Colección "Historias sumergidas 1", 2016

Vidrio Banasglass, (casting sobre molde acabadas en frío)

4 x 8 x 4 cm


Luis Parades | Colección "Historias sumergidas 2"

Luis Parades

Colección "Historias sumergidas 2", 2016

Vidrio Banasglass, (casting sobre molde acabadas en frío)

7 x 7 x 7 cm

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