Art Madrid'24 – Marc Gonz – Silver Man (2023)

Marc Gonz | Silver Man

Marc Gonz

Silver Man, 2023

Oil on linen

115 x 100 x 15 cm

Galería Uxval Gochez

Barcelona, España

Programa General A16


about Marc Gonz

Barcelona, 1973

Marc Gonz was born in 1973 in Barcelona. He is a prominent artist whose pictorial approach has amazed the public. His technique focuses on layering, with a process that harkens back to the ancestral, allowing what is underneath to come alive on the surface. Through this unique process, Gonz manages to find a captivating harmony within apparent disorder. Gonz's work is characterized by presenting a distorted version of reality. Using material and color, he creates images that challenge our perception and invite us to explore new emotional landscapes. His brushstroke style is brutal and dense, resulting in visceral and vibrant work that can sometimes be grotesque and primitive. However, it is precisely in this brutality where the deepest and most authentic human emotions are found. Gonz has participated in various art exhibitions and fairs, including the Nuno Sacramento Art Gallery in Ílhavo, the collective exhibition "Inner Nature" at the Uxval Gochez Gallery, and the solo show "The Observer" at the same gallery. He has also participated in events such as ArtMadrid 2023, JustLX in Lisbon, and Roma Arte in Nuvola.

Marc Gonz 's works

Marc Gonz | Cake Boy

Marc Gonz

Cake Boy, 2023

Oil on linen

75 x 55 x 12 cm

Marc Gonz | Foam Boy

Marc Gonz

Foam Boy, 2023

Oil on linen

145 x 120 x 16 cm

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