Marifé Núñez

Marifé Núñez | I love Louis Vuitton

Marifé Núñez

I love Louis Vuitton, 2019


170 x 140 cm

es.Arte Gallery

Marbella, España

Programa General A27


about Marifé Núñez


Marifé Núñez began studying law but soon saw that her future was in the creative world. In 1982 she studied Graphic Arts in Malaga and went to the School of Communication Arts in London. After this, she began working as creative director in several advertising agencies in Marbella and Gibraltar. During those years she learned in a self-taught way to use watercolours and acrylics. Driven by her artistic nature, Marifé also studied photography at the Aula 7 Academy in Malaga. Her work is based on collage, transparency and fusion of images; photographs and acrylic paint. Since 1993 she has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions throughout Europe.

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