Art Madrid'23 – Maximilian Verhas

Maximilian Verhas | Two Rolling Rings

Maximilian Verhas

Two Rolling Rings, 2018


16 x 13 x 12 cm

Galerie Michael Schmalfuss

Berlín, Alemania

Programa General A17


about Maximilian Verhas

Essen, (Alemania), 1960

Maximilian Verhas, born in Essen (GER) in 1960, first studied painting and graphic arts as well as figurative sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Nuremberg from 1981 to 1986. He then completed his studies in sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin, graduating with honours in 1990 as a master's student of David Evison. He gained study and professional experience in Great Britain, the USA and France. Today Maximilian Verhas lives and works in Berlin. Abstract metal sculptures, whose forms originate from the principle of the Möbius loop, characterize the sculptural work of Maximilian Verhas. Since 1990 the sculptor has established himself in the international art market, especially with his 'Rollkörper'. The 'Rollkörper' show a constantly changing all-visibility. Due to their shape and mass distribution, they can be set in motion by a slight impulse. The intertwined bronze sculptures are not fixed in their orientation and invite the viewer to play - opening up new perspectives.

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