Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto | Eclipse

Pablo Armesto

Eclipse, 2016

DMF lacado, fibra óptica y LED

120 x 120 cm

Aurora Vigil-Escalera

Gijón, España

Programa General A14

about Pablo Armesto

Schaffhausen (Suiza), 1970

Armesto's work is in an experimental space in which sculpture and painting coexist with the immaterial nature of light and shadow, together with technology and science.

He has participated in international fairs, including Art Geneve, ARCO, Estampa, Art Marbella and in several solo and group exhibitions, “Luz sobre blanco” with the Marlborough Gallery in Madrid and “Blanca Luz” with Marlborough in Barcelona. He has received awards and scholarships as a meeting point Espacio Astragal, Luz interior Galería Espacio Líquido and Dentro, la lluvia Museo Barjola.

about the artist's works

Pablo Armesto's works

Pablo Armesto | Estelar

Pablo Armesto

Estelar, 2017

DMF lacado, fibra óptica y fuentes de alimentación LED

70 x 70 x 9 cm

Pablo Armesto | Estelar 14.11.50

Pablo Armesto

Estelar 14.11.50, 2018

DMF lacado, fibra óptica y fuentes de alimentación LED sobre peana de acero inox

145 x 36 x 44 cm

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Richard Stipl

Resonance, 2019

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Vessel With Red Beast, 2019

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Hendrik Czakainski | 26390

Hendrik Czakainski

26390, 2019

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Carlo Borer | Cluster

Carlo Borer

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Julio Anaya

Bocklin Zoom, 2019


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Misterpiro | Meanwhile


Meanwhile, 2019

Esmalte acrílico y spray sobre panel de madera

120 x 120 cm

PichiAvo | The Father of Comedy 5/5


The Father of Comedy 5/5, 2019

Impresión giclée intervenida sobre papel

120 x 90 cm


Guillermo Ocio Forascepi | S.T

Guillermo Ocio Forascepi

S.T, 2018

Madera de olmo negrillo

35 x 27 x 14 cm