Art Madrid'23 – Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes | Collection

Patrick Hughes

Collection, 2018

Impresión digital retocada a mano en caja de acrílico.

44 x 96 x 13 cm

Galería Hispánica Contemporánea

Madrid - México DF, España - México

Programa General A12


about Patrick Hughes

Birmingham, (Inglaterra), 1939

Patrick Hughes’ first solo show was in 1961 in Mayfair, London. A catalogue introduction was by the critic David Sylvester. He has since held one-person exhibitions in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and New York, and In Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland – one hundred and fifty-four so far. Patrick made his first retrospective relief painting in 1964 and has refined his system hugely over the last fifty years, a system which is widely imitated. These works are constructed of wooden pyramids in perspective but the wrong way around, with the furthest point of the space, represented being closest to the viewer. The resulting illusion is extraordinary, the viewer relates to the painting as it seems to move seamlessly, giving an impression of being in the room or outside the architecture depicted.

Patrick Hughes 's works

Patrick Hughes | Popse

Patrick Hughes

Popse, 2020

Impresión digital/papel

45 x 102 x 17 cm

Patrick Hughes | Light and Shade

Patrick Hughes

Light and Shade, 2022

Collage con pintura sobre construcción en tabla

32.5 x 52 x 10.5 cm

Patrick Hughes | Window Shopping

Patrick Hughes

Window Shopping, 2022

Collage con impresión digital y pintura

68 x 179 x 20 cm

Patrick Hughes | More Amour

Patrick Hughes

More Amour, 2022

Óleo sobre construcción en tabla

32 x 38 x 10 cm

Patrick Hughes | On the Canvas

Patrick Hughes

On the Canvas, 2020

Óleo sobre construcción en tabla.

66 x 73 x 18 cm

Featured works

David Delgado Ruiz | Life In Mars. Starship Crash

David Delgado Ruiz

Life In Mars. Starship Crash, 2021

Fotografía Analógica y Digital, Impresión Certificada en Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 305 gsm · 100% Cotton. Museum Standard Cotton Paper.

50 x 50 cm

Juana González | Abrazo

Juana González

Abrazo, 2021

Oil on canvas

110 x 90 cm

Juan Genovés | Acuden

Juan Genovés

Acuden, 2017

Obra gráfica muy intervenida a mano por el artista. Ed de 10

74 x 60 cm