Art Madrid'24 – PichiAvo – Orphic Hymn to Cupid and Psyche II (2024)

PichiAvo | Orphic Hymn to Cupid and Psyche II


Orphic Hymn to Cupid and Psyche II, 2024

Pintura spray, acrílica y óleo sobre lienzo

150 x 150 cm

Shiras Galería

Valencia, España

Programa General B16


about PichiAvo

Valencia, 2007

PichiAvo is a duo of Valencian artists recognized for their ability to create connections between painting and sculpture in urban environments. A balanced combination between classical art and the most contemporary urban art. From its inception, PichiAvo rejected artistic individuality, joining forces to create a unique body of work using an urban conceptual language, both in the street and in the studio.

Both artists studied Fine Arts and Design and in 2007 formed the duo PichiAvo. Since that time they worked on developing joint projects, going through various stages as painters, initially focusing on skill and technique until they reached the point of needing to express themselves through what defines them most today: graffiti and classical art. They work both in and out of the studio, in painting, sculpture and installation, encompassing a wide and versatile range of materials and pictorial approaches. PichiAvo's career has achieved artistic recognition, critical acclaim and popularity on an international scale, establishing them among the most prominent street artists in today's urban art scene.

PichiAvo 's works

PichiAvo | Young Bacchus Lefkos II


Young Bacchus Lefkos II, 2024

Pintura spray, acrílica, óleo y tinta UV sobre lienzo

120 x 90 cm

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