Art Madrid'23 – Rémy Samuz

Rémy Samuz | Le Penseur 2

Rémy Samuz

Le Penseur 2, 2022

Alambre de hierro tejido

90 x 64 x 124 cm


Sitges, España

Programa General B5


about Rémy Samuz

Cotonou, (Benin), 1981

In 2003, Samuz decided to devote himself to art, an activity that he combined with his studies of general mechanics. After training in fine arts in the workshop of the Beninese artist Dominique Zinkpè between the years of 2009 and 2012, he refined and perfected his technique of weaving iron thread which gives great rigidity to his sculptures, while maintaining their lightness. His light, transparent and poetic works sometimes take the form of immense characters, with dignified and humble silhouettes evoking the gestures of humanity. It is movement and life in all its forms that this young and promising artist celebrates with his weavings of iron thread. His works invite both meditation and reflection. Samuz is represented in Paris by Vallois Gallery, which has presented his works in various contemporary art fairs. In 2015, he exhibited in the Afro Brazil Museum in São Paulo (Brazil) and also, in 2017, received the gold medal in the sculpture category in the Francophone Games (Jeux de la Francophonie) held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

Rémy Samuz 's works

Rémy Samuz | Le Penseur 1 b

Rémy Samuz

Le Penseur 1 b, 2023

Alambre de hierro tejido

96 x 92 x 102 cm

Rémy Samuz | Liberté 2

Rémy Samuz

Liberté 2, 2023

Alambre de hierro tejido

124 x 90 x 28 cm

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