Rubén Abstract

Rubén Abstract | Swimmers 709

Rubén Abstract

Swimmers 709, 2021

Esmalte al agua sobre madera, arena y resina epoxy

50 x 70 cm

about Rubén Abstract

Madrid, 1975

I started painting Swimmers to awake in you the willingness to fight restlessly and make your dream come true. Choose your attitude and your direction in life, and become that swimmer that goes against the grain, no matter what people expect from you, no matter what it takes. Just trust in yourself as you have never done before and fight for your dream. My name is Ruben and I am a 100% self-taught painter. I started painting after deciding by seeing various artists on Instagram, that I wanted to retire as a painter. This happened one day in August 2017 while on vacation at the beach and shortly after finishing my first Ironman triathlon on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. I like to think that what I paint is a metaphor for life: the sea water behaves like life, because with its currents it displaces us, sometimes helping us and often not, but we must not stop stroking strongly in the direction of what we are looking for.

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