Art Madrid'23 – Stéphanie de Malherbe

Stéphanie de Malherbe | El baile de las flores II

Stéphanie de Malherbe

El baile de las flores II, 2022

Óleo sobre tabla

65 x 55 cm

Galería Uxval Gochez

Barcelona, España

Programa General B8


about Stéphanie de Malherbe

Francia, 1966

Stephanie de Malherbe worked as a graphic designer with fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. After his first solo exhibition in Paris, he moved to Mexico. He remains there for 11 years, then 5 years in Seville and then in Madrid. He returns to France in 2010. She has exhibited in many countries, including France, Mexico, England, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States. In addition to these countries, his works have been acquired by collectors in the United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and South Korea... Stéphanie also works on commission and has produced around 250 portraits to date. Her painting is often at the limit of abstraction and is characterized by transparencies, superimpositions and chromatic contrasts. She likes to make the tones vibrate by juxtaposing complementary colours, influenced by the Nabis, the joy and strength that we see in Mexico and Andalusia. Her canvases, wood panelling, or papers are first covered in a luminous colour, sometimes fluorescent to give an impression of light and depth. Stéphanie de Malherbe is inspired by what she sees or what she imagines to transform it into emotion, she allows herself to be guided by the creative process without knowing beforehand where she is going but in search of balance, with a touch of poetry.

Stéphanie de Malherbe 's works

Stéphanie de Malherbe | Sunflower II

Stéphanie de Malherbe

Sunflower II, 2022

Acrylic on paper

65 x 50 cm


Stéphanie de Malherbe | Sun flower

Stéphanie de Malherbe

Sun flower, 2022

Óleo sobre tabla

65 x 55 cm

Stéphanie de Malherbe | Iris XVI

Stéphanie de Malherbe

Iris XVI, 2022

Óleo sobre tabla

100 x 70 cm

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