Art Madrid'24 – TKM XOXO – Sueño de una noche de verano (2023)

TKM XOXO | Sueño de una noche de verano


Sueño de una noche de verano, 2023

Cera sobre tablero

40 x 43 cm

Galería La Aurora

Murcia, España

Programa General A17

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about TKM XOXO

Sevilla, 1986

Nena Loaysa (Seville, 1986) is a Spanish artist known by her stage name TKM XOXO. She has a degree in Fine Arts with a specialty in painting from the University of Seville. At the end of his studies he moved to Salamanca to specialize in engraving and design. TKM XOXO's artwork is a constant desire to fill this life that seems made of plastic, paradoxes and contradictions with spirit. Irrational, nostalgia and absurdity come together to give meaning to something, which does not have it, without preconceived beliefs. The result of the artist's gestures and interactions with the canvas, where the brushstrokes are pure and vigorous, seeking the rhythm of color. The main characters in her works are the “Marixoxos”, as she calls them, they represent an infinite creative place that seeks expansion and leaves the canvas to seek more space.

He has participated in art fairs such as Amsterdam Art Fair in Holland and Scope Art Fair in Miami.

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TKM XOXO | Unidad Familiar


Unidad Familiar, 2023

Cera alquidica y cinta de tela adhesiva sobre lino sobre ruedas

97 x 90 cm

TKM XOXO | Le nozze di George


Le nozze di George, 2023

Cera alquidica modificada sobre lino, madera, cartón, foam y PLA

101 x 41 cm

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