Willi Siber

Willi Siber

Willi Siber | Wandisntallation

Willi Siber

Wandisntallation, 2017

Madera y laca cromada

29 x 38 x 7 cm


Berlín, Alemania



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Willi Siber

Biberach (Alemania),

The sculptor and painter Willi Siber graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 1974. He is a member of the German Association of Artists and the Baden-Württembergische Künstlerbund as well as the International Association of XYLON Lumberjack. He has exhibited individually since 1987 in the Bad Waldsee Gallery with Arbeiten in Holz. Skulpturen in Holz, Kunsthof Galerie Schrade, Lindau. Neue Arbeiten, Galerie Györfi, Herrenberg. Malerei, Plastik, Objekte, Galerie Schloß Mochental (K). Siber ha ...

Artist's works

Willi Siber | Tafelobjekt

Willi Siber

Tafelobjekt, 2016

Metal, epoxi y poliuretano

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